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The trade system in Pokémon World Online exists as a way for players to trade their Pokémon and other items (such as Pokédollars) to other players. To use the trade system, players must have either access to Saffron City if they are in Kanto, or Olivine City, if they are in Johto to create a trade password and must be inside a Union Room located in Saffron or in Goldenrod City to actually trade. Similar to the hand-held games, certain Pokémon can only evolve through trades (see the section Evolve Pokemon By Trading).

Registering to Trade

For an additional security feature for a players Pokémon, players are required to correctly enter a 5 digit Union Room password to access a Union Room for every visit. The password may be registered in one of the KeebaCorp buildings located in either Celadon City in Kanto, or in Olivine City in Johto.

It has been noted that entering a 0 (zero) as the first digit of the password will sometimes cause the game to not register that the password has been made. If this happens, the player has to repeat the process (without entering a 0 as first digit) to be able to create a trade password and trade.

If you forget your Union Room password, you may request a reminder by going to the Trade Pin Reminder page on Playerdex.

Trade Process

In order for you and your partner to trade, you both need access to the Union Room located in the 2nd floor of either Saffron or Goldenrod city Pokémon Centers, and you both must be in the same Union Room at the same time. Once you have reached both requirements, you can either right-click on your partner and choose "Trade" or type out the command /trade player's name in the chat box. If done correctly, a message should appear on your chat screen that confirms the trade request was sent.

If your partner sent the trade request, a message will appear in the chat box and on your screen. Either click on Yes or type /trade player's name to accept the trade request and open up the trade window.

N.B. If you have trade requests disabled (done by checking the Disable Trades box under Options), the on-screen message will not appear (but the chatbox message will), and you can only use the command to accept them.
The first trade window.

There are a few things you can do once you open up the trade window. To offer a Pokémon, click on the Pokémon you wish to trade on the bottom of the trade screen. The Pokémon's name and level should then appear in the middle of the screen. You can roll your mouse over to see the stats of the Pokémon being offered.

To offer Pokédollars, click on the box on the top-right labeled Pokédollars, type the amount of Pokémoney you want to offer, and then press the Enter key. The Pokédollars that will be traded are listed on the bottom of the Player's trade offer (right above the row which displays your Pokémon).

Your items are listed on the right side of the trade screen. If you cannot see all your items in the inventory, use the scroll bar on the right. Please note that it is not possible to trade any items at this time.

The second trade window.

Once the offer is correctly set-up (make sure you check the stats of each Pokémon being offered so you know you're getting the correct one), press the Accept Trade button. Both you and your partner will have to accept the trade in order to move on. Note that if the trade is altered in any way after you accepted the trade, you will need to re-accept the trade.

Once you and your partner have accepted the trade, you will be taken to the second trade window. On this window, scan over the trade offer again (don't forget to check the stats of each Pokémon by rolling your mouse over the name) and make sure everything is correct. Once you are certain you want to complete the trade, click the button Yes, I'm sure to confirm the trade. Again, you will have to wait until both you and your partner confirm the trade for the trade to be completed.

After both you and your partner have confirmed the trade, the trade process is over. The Pokédollars should be updated, and the Pokémon will automatically inserted into your PC, so they won't automatically appear in your party unless you have a free space.

Evolve Pokemon By Trading

Similar to the hand-held games, certain Pokémon can only evolve through trade, like Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, and Haunter. Other Pokémon (e.g. Poliwhirl into Politoed) can be evolved by holding the required items while completing a trade.

In order to evolve Pokémon through trading, find someone to trade with (it does not have to be someone you know because you don't have to trade your Pokémon away). Once the trade window is open, simply complete any trade (it can be an empty trade transaction and it will still trigger the evolution). Please note that evolution will not trigger if you trade the Pokémon away. After the trade is completed, the evolution window will appear, which will allow you to evolve the Pokémon.