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Non-Player Character (NPC) Battles are a pivotal point of Pokémon World Online. NPC battles are a great way (and currently the most efficient way while you are training for gym battles) for trainers to gain experience for their Pokémon.

Interesting to note is that even after you defeat an NPC, you can battle them again. The waiting period varies and for those NPCs that have a cooldown that exceeds 5 days, their Pokémon grow stronger. This happens 3-6 times depending on the NPC, with an average increase of 2 levels each time.

The Battle

The NPC battle runs similarly to battling a wild Pokémon. The battle screen is exactly the same, with the four buttons labeled Fight, Pokémon, Bag, and Run on the bottom-left side corner. The number of Pokémon that a trainer has is shown by the number of highlighted Pokéballs on the top-left side of the battle screen.

The object of the battle is simple: to faint all your opponent's Pokémon before your opponent faints all of your Pokémon. The battle will last until either all your Pokémon have fainted (i.e. all Pokémon have 0 HP left) or all the opposing trainer's Pokémon have fainted. If you lose, you will be teleported back to your last Pokémon Center.

There are some differences between an NPC battle and a battle with a wild Pokémon. One exception is that you may not run away from a trainer. It is also worth noting that you are not allowed to use potions during battles with gym trainers. In addition, the server will sometimes time-out in trainer battles. If this happens it is best to close your game and restart the client. In rare circumstances trying things like 'spamming the run button' may restart your battle, however this can also be interpreted by the game as illegal behaviour which will result in loss of pokedollars from your account.

Known Glitches

Sometimes something during a NPC battle may not work the way that you expect it to work. As an example, sometimes the battle will freeze. The main cause of NPC battles freezing is using a battle command before the opponents' pokemon is ready. Be patient and wait for the other pokemon to be fully out before attacking or switching and you will avoid 99% of freezes. Otherwise if your battle does get frozen, you will need to log out and restart the client to get out of the battle. Another known glitch of sorts are that some NPCs may not have trainer images, which will cause that trainer to appear as a white box within the battle screen (or the NPC battle image will not match the NPC's overworld sprite). There is very little that can be done on a player's end to fix that. Also, sometimes the NPC text will be stuck on the screen when the battle is initiated. The fix for this problem can be found on the client troubleshooting page. Finally, if two pokemon faint in the same turn, for example if the pokemon that dealt the final blow in the battle also faints due to burn or poison status, this can also cause the battle to freeze.

NPC Cooldown Times

Most common NPCs have a waiting period of 2 weeks before you can battle them again. During this time they will have grown stronger, so be ready! Exceptions to this are:

Gym Leaders have varied cooldown periods depending on which one you are battling if you lose to them(if you win gym leaders do not currently re-battle). First gym from the begginning = 2 hour cooldown. Second gym = 4 hours. Each gym after that an extra 2 hours for a maximum of 24 hour cooldown from each gym after the 12th gym.

The Kimono Girls in Ecruteak City can be battled once per week, but remember you must battle them all at once so make sure you're prepared before you enter the Kimono Dance Hall!

The Battle NPCs in the Olivine Lighthouse also re-battle every week.

There are also some battle NPCs prior to the first gym in each region that will offer re-battles every 5 days.