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This is the server box (pictured to your right). The server box displays the current game server, as well as having the login information for the game. You may also have it remember your password, or switch to a full screen resolution to enjoy the game!

What appears in the list

This is the name of the one and only game server of Pokémon World Online.

Default server
This could mean a variety of things. Either its a problem with your internet connection or a problem with the server itself. First try clicking on 'Select a server' and see if you get a different server box message. If you continue to get the same message, you may want to follow the steps on this page. To check if it is the server causing the problem, you may want to check the status over here.

Servers Down
This message is usually the result of a database failure on the PWO Servers. If you see this message, the game is currently unavailable. There may also be problems using other PWO Services. You may wish to check the Forums or the Twitter for information.


Cannot connect to PWO server...
If you get the message: "Can not connect to PWO server, Please try again later. Most likely PWO Server is currently turned off" pop up when trying to log in and the Server Status page displayed above shows the server is on, there are three main causes for this:

1. Server could be frozen, keep checking the server status and if it doesn't change % online over a few minutes this could be the case. 2. If you have never logged in before you should check your firewall and anti-virus programs, one or both may be blocking our server. 3. If your computer is part of a network, such as a school or work network, the Network Security may be blocking PWO.

Connection rejected:
Sometimes when you login, the server space would be filled therefore your connection would have been refused. You will need to relog.

Your client is out of date, and you need to download the new client. You can download a new client from here

Stuck on "AUTHENTICATING" while trying to log in
Set your "Language for Non-Unicode applications" to English US, and the "Formats" to "English US".

Language for Non-Unicode applications can be found under the administrative tab of "Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Region and language"

Formats are found under the Formats tab in the previous window.

In some cases when logging in this error appears and can clear itself after a few minutes. If it persists for longer than 10 minutes contact staff in IRC Chat http://www.pokemon-world-online.com/chat.php and ask for help there.

Connection refused, Logged in on another server
This is another temporary error which can happen after a crash or restart of the server and should clear itself in a few minutes.

Technically not a log in issue, however if this happens when you first try to log in it could appear that way. The fixes for this issue are found on this forum page: https://forum.pokemon-world-online.com/showthread.php?tid=26973