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The Playerdex, "My Pokemon" option allows various features that you can complete concerning your Pokemon, from releasing/unrleasing, to editing moves as well as selling them in the PlayerDex Mart

My Pokemon Main Page

Main Page

This is the initial page that you will see when you first click on the "My Pokemon" from inside the PlayerDex. To the left you will find your Pokemon with their respective levels, below that you will find various options which you can choose from. To the right hand side you will view a template of how Pokemon information is displayed once you click on an actual Pokemon sprite.

Releasing Pokemon

The PlayerDex allows you to release any Pokemon you currently have. To do this, simply click on the check box next to the Pokemon(s) that you want to release, once selected, click on the drop-down menu under "Action to Perform" and click on "Release selected Pokemon". Once that is selected, just click on "Perform Action" to release the desired Pokemon(s)

Unreleasing a Pokemon

Unreleasing Pokemon

The PlayerDex allows you to get back any Pokemon you may have released at a cost, for regular Pokemon that cost is 125 PokeDollars, for Shiny Pokemon the cost is 225 PokeDollars, please make sure you have the appropriate amount or more in your PlayerDex Bank. To un-release a Pokemon, click on "View Released" on the left hand menu. You will see an array of Pokemon that you have released previously, click on the one that you want to un-release. The Pokemon will show up on the right hand side with all it's information including its PokeID as well as it's statistics. If you are sure that this is the Pokemon you want, check the "I would like to unrelease this Pokemon" checkbox that is at the bottom of this view, and from there click on "Unrelease". Your Pokemon should now be back into your in-game account.

Step 1-3

Selling Pokemon in the PokeMart

Pokemon can be put up for sale for instant buy or auction via the this page. Before doing this there are a couple things you should know.

Charges : There is a 25 Pokedollar fee for all non-shiny pokémon. For shiny pokémon, this fee is 40 Pokedollars. All Pokémon must be sold for a minimum of 25 Pd.
Sale Types
Quick Pay : Allows a player to pay a set price for a Pokémon. If the Pokémon doesn't sell, it is returned to your bank.
Bid : Allows a player to place a bid of 25 Pd increase of the current price. Whoever bids the highest, wins! Bids are not able to end early.
Step 4-5

  1. To begin selling Pokemon(s), simply click on the check box next to the Pokemon(s) that you want to put up for sale
  2. Click on the drop-down menu under "Action to Perform" and click on "Add to Mart".
  3. From there, click on "Perform Action" to go to the PlayerDex Mart selling page.
  4. This page allows you to select the conditions for the Pokemon you want to sell, From left to right the information is

Sale Type : Choose between Quick Pay and Bid. View descriptions for each above.
Days Available : Select the amount of days that you want your Pokemon to be avaialble for purchase/duration of auction.
Price : Select the start price for auction or set price for Pokemon if doing Quick Pay.
Listing Fees : This states how much it will cost you to list your Pokemon on the PokeMart.

5. Once you've set all the options to your preference, click on "Send Pokemon" to the bottom left.
6. If successful, you should get a message saying "Your Pokémon are now for sale", and below that, "The following sale items are now live.", with your Pokemon ID's followed. Congratulations, you've placed your Pokemon on the PokeMart!

Editing your Pokemons Moves

The game allows you to edit your Pokémon moves as long as you are not logged on in-game.

Things to Know Before you Start

There is a fee to edit moves. The exact amount will be seen when you try and edit your Pokemons move, however usually the price is higher depending on the level and the amount of moves you want to change.

If it has one, a Pokémon can learn the moves of its previous evolution at the same level. For example:

  • Growlithe learns Flamethrower at Level 49, whereas Arcanine does not learn Flamethrower at all. If the player evolves Growlithe before then, their Arcanine would never learn the move ingame. However, if the player were to change the Arcanine's moves at level 49 or above, Flamethrower would be an option.
  • Natu learns Psychic at level 50, while Xatu learns Psychic at level 65. You could teach Xatu Psychic via the Playerdex at any time once it became level 50.

Editing Moves Through Playerdex

  1. Please make sure you are logged out of the game to edit your Pokemons moves.
  2. Go to the Playerdex website, log in with your game account (username and password).
  3. On the top menu bar, click on "My Pokémon" and click on the Pokémon sprite you want to edit moves for. For our example, Snorlax is being chosen.
  4. Once clicked, you will see the Pokemon on the right hand with all the information of it, and the skills at the bottom with the moves it can currently learn/has learnt.
  5. Unselect any moves that you do not want, and select any move that you do want. Please note that selecting more than 4 skills will mean you are charged for moves which won't be added to your Pokémon.
  6. Once you're done selecting moves, click on "Update Skills" and your moves will have been updated on your Pokemon.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I know what moves my Pokémon can learn?
By taking a visit to the World PokéDex available on the Playerdex, or that Pokemons page on this Wiki.
It may be possible, to see if your Pokemons move is available, please visit that Pokemons webpage on our Wiki to see what moves it can learn by TM's or by the Move Tutors.
  • Can I teach my Pokémon TMs or HMs this way?
HMs currently are not implemented, sadly. TMs are, with a limited amount available—some TMs of which may be a cheaper alternative in relearning a move than playerdex's move relearner, for higher-level Pokémon that scale up the service's price.
  • I deleted a good move by mistake! Could Playerdex help me?
That is one of it's most useful features! Follow this guide for editing moves and the Pokémon you selected should be able to relearn it (at its level of course). Beware, most Pokémon that evolves by stone cannot relearn some of their most powerful moves before they have evolved.
  • How can I learn all the best moves for my Pokémon before the last stage of evolution?
Easy! Don't evolve it until you have made sure that it learned all moves which the next evolution won't learn. That's why it's important to consult "World Pokédex" at the Playerdex site.