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The Frozen Login Issue is a common issue within PWO that may commonly occur during the initial login attempts. It rarely occurs when you are logging off your game (your game button froze).

Problem Description

If you logged in and you notice that it appears to be endlessly loading the map, and you can't close the News & Updates Message Board. Often enough, you may be automatically kicked from the server after 7 minutes of inactivity, before your client becomes more responsive.

Issues may be experienced when attempting to log out of the game as well; you can't press any button in the client (such as when it prompts you to select Yes or No when you logging off). The prompt may become completely unresponsive.


End Process (Quick fix for Windows OS)

Windows Task Manager

If this happens to you rarely. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del, or right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Press on the Processes Tab and find PWO.exe (may vary based on your Windows version). After you found it, select End Process in the bottom right of the dialog or right-click on it and press End Process/End Process Tree.

Quit Command

If you are unable to close the client by clicking "Yes" or "No" on the pop-up prompt, after clicking on the red X in the top-right corner of the client, you may also exit the game by using the /quit command.

Note: Although this exits the client window, it may not immediately terminate the process your computer is performing for program. If the program appears to be currently running, when attempting to restart the client, refer to the End Process solution.

Extended issue

If this issue happen to you frequently and you seek a more instantaneous solution than the End Process method, download the program from the link provided below to help you close PWO promptly when blocked by the frozen login issues. You are recommended to put this program on your Desktop (if you need it).

Open-Source, Compile it in autoit if you do not trust the download.

Opt("TrayAutoPause", 1)
Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)

$proc1 = "PWO.exe" ;title of process
$start = False ;pwo is running?
TrayTip ( "Starting", "We Shall Close PWO in just one moment", 1 )
While 1 ;time to run a loop to keep the program open

If ProcessExists($proc1) Then $start = True ;if pwo is open, then
ClosePWO() ;going to close pwo
If Not ProcessExists($proc1) Then $start = False ;if pwo is closed,
EndProgram() ;going to exit the program

Func ClosePWO()
While $start = True ;pwo is open
If $start = True Then ProcessClose($proc1) ;lets close it!
; This will create a tooltip in the upper left of the screen
TrayTip ( "Notice", "PWO is now closed", 1 )
Sleep(2000) ; Sleep to give tooltip time to display
$start = False ;reset vars

Func EndProgram()
While $start = False ;pwo is closed